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Delivering Expert Engineering Solutions

Bracken Engineering, Inc. is a leading civil engineering and land surveying firm committed to providing comprehensive site development and consulting services in Southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, and the Islands. Our focus encompasses surveying, engineering, drone photogrammetry, and environmental permitting.

Guiding clients through the entire property development journey, we deliver unwavering and professional service from inception to completion.

With expertise spanning various sectors such as commercial, retail, industrial, and residential developments, we serve a diverse clientele. Our tailored solutions address the needs of architects, developers, real estate agents, attorneys, and residential homeowners alike.


Let us take care of all of your surveying needs. Our survey department consists of trained field crews led by licensed professional surveyors. From field to finish, our surveys provide the information needed for real estate transactions, site development, and boundary determination. 

Our engineering department can take your project from concept to completion with our comprehensive design and planning capabilities. From basic septic designs to the site development of single-family homes and commercial developments, our team specializes in delivering the results that our clients expect.

With today’s emphasis on protecting the environment, BEI is fully equipped to provide both environmentally conscious design and navigate the required permitting to bring a project to fruition. A competent understanding of the nuances of environmental permitting allows our team to deliver our clients’ vision while maximizing the protection of our valued resource areas that make our communities great. 

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Restoration & Stabilization
Manomet Bluff
In 2022, BEI was retained to provide design & permitting services for the emergency restoration and stabilization of a portion of the Manomet Bluff in Plymouth, MA. An area of acute erosion caused a partial collapse of the bank, which eventually threatened the integrity of Manomet Avenue. A comprehensive analysis of the existing conditions and the causes that led to the collapse resulted in a design that restored and stabilized the bank while also addressing the stormwater runoff that caused the initial instability.
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